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Free TRICARE Breast Pumps for Military Moms Stationed in or Living Near

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Fort Campbell, KY

Photo credit: Iron Mike, Fort Benning Georgia

If you’re a mom or mom-to-be living near Fort Campbell, Kentucky and you need a breast pump, your TRICARE Insurance will provide you with a FREE Breast Pump.

At TRICARE-Breastpumps.com, we help military moms get the most desired and top-rated breast pumps through their TRICARE Insurance at no cost to them!

We stock and ship direct to you the best breast pump brands, including Medela, Spectra, Ameda, and more! Our friendly, expert staff will personally help you choose the TRICARE-covered pump that's best for you!

Tricare Breast Pumps - American Soldier With Wife and Son

TRICARE Breast Pump Specialists

Our goal is simple…get you a FREE breast pump and ship it directly to your home at no cost!

We do it FAST
Our team was built to help you. Our specialty is breast pumps covered by insurance. We do all the work.

We keep it SIMPLE
You simply get the process started by providing us your insurance information.

We make it FUN
TRICARE-BreastPumps.com is a division of Mommy Xpress, a Pediatric Products, LLC, company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have been servicing Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas and West Virginia for more than 10 years.