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TRICARE Breast Pumps FAQ

Yes! TRICARE covers one standard electric breast pump per birth event (birth or adoption). 

Get started with yours here.

In order for your insurance to pay, you will need a prescription from you Doctor. We can request this on your behalf.

Our simple form also includes options for you to send us a copy of your prescription by email, fax, even via text!

You’re in the right place! Providing breast pumps through insurance coverage is all we do, and we are your contracted expert providers for TRICARE-covered breast pumps.

All you have to do is complete this form. We’ll confirm your eligibility for coverage of a breast pump, and take care of all the necessary details with you.

As you can see from our Home page, and our full list of TRICARE-covered breast pumps, there are several brands and models to choose from. Several are 100% Free with your TRICARE insurance. Others may have a modest upgrade fee. Some also qualify for  additional accessories such as extra bottles, flanges, batteries, carry cases, etc. 

Once we acquire your insurance details via our simple form, we can walk you through details and help you make the best selection. 

Shipping is free.

If you plan on breastfeeding, you can order a pump immediately. Don’t wait until the baby is born. You’ll be quite busy then!

We make it easy for you. Here's where we start.

Timing is dictated by your insurance coverage. Some insurances allow us to ship immediately while others require the baby to be born first. We will identify that when we call them. That said, you can order your pump now, regardless, and we’ll ship when your insurance permits.

Due to the personal nature of these products, Breast Pumps are non-returnable. Should you have any issues with your Breast Pump, the Manufacturer requests that you contact them directly.

Tricare Breast pumps - US military family


Simply complete and send the qualification form, and our expert staff will promptly review it, verify your insurance, and contact you to review & complete the process. 

We'll go over qualifying pump features when we speak with you, so that you can be assured you'll receive the best breast pump for your preferences and needs.

It really is that simple.

We're experts in breast pumps, and in TRICARE coverage, and we love supporting military moms.

We'll take care of everything.