TRICARE Contracted Breast Pump Provider by Mommy Xpress is a TRICARE Contracted Breast Pump Provider. Our friendly and expert staff will speak with you personally to confirm your coverage and help you choose the perfect breast pump for you. We will then ship it directly to your home at no charge!

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Supplies & Accessories

In addition to the pump itself, you will receive all the Tubing, Adapters, Shields, Bottles, etc. needed for double pumping. You are also eligible to receive up to 36 months of free Storage Bags.

How to get your Free Breast Pump:

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Simply provide your
insurance information via
our request form...

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We'll verify your coverage
right away, and
contact you personally.

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Together we’ll review your
options and ship the
breast pump you select.

It's that simple. We take care of everything.

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Simply click the ‘Qualify Me Now’ button and complete the form.  We will confirm your coverage and call you back to select your desired pump.

Best Selling Breast Pumps Covered 100% by TRICARE:

Tricare Breast Pumps - Medela Breast Pump Starter Pisa


Pump in Style
Advanced Starter

Tricare Breast Pumps - Spectra S2 Breast Pump


S2 Plus Breast Pump

Ameda Finess breast Pump with Dottie Pump logo


Finesse Breast Pump with Tote